Today I will talk about some basic Javascript problems that we face regularly. Let's explain them with some simple examples.

Truthy and Falsy

Falsy values are= false, 0, "", ubdefined, null, NaN
Truthy values are=…
Basic Reactjs

React is a javascript library for building UI. It is a declarative, efficient and flexible javascript library. It developed by Facebook. Every React application build depends on components. It’s also a components-based libarry. But it’s not a framework. It’s a virtual DOM that depends on elements' behaviors. React is a…

Types in Javascript

Primitive Types

  • numeric
  • string
  • booleans (true or false)

Null is a special primitive type. If you run typeOf null you’ll get ‘object’ back, but it’s actually…

What is Javascript String?

2. Javascript String

Example: const sentence = ‘Dhaka is the…

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